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Golden Sands is the largest seaside resort on the Bulgarian Northern Black Sea coast. Its construction lasted ten years. It started in the distant 1956 when the team of architects who prepared the project for the new resort managed to perfectly combine the densely wooded slopes, descending smoothly to the beaches with fine, golden sand and the sea’s crystal-clear waters. Adding to the presence of hot mineral springs, Golden Sands has had all the natural resources that attract tourists from all over the world - for more than 60 years. According to legend, the unique beaches here were a favourite place of the pirates, where they buried the treasures looted by their raids. However, nature decided to teach a lesson to the robbers and turned gold into fine golden sand, to which the resort owes its name. Another story said many snakes were once inhabitants of this place. The local authorities found an unusual way to deal with the reptiles... with the help of the hedgehogs. The 'prickly rescuers' were brought from Albania and thrown from a plane here. The effect of this operation was astounding, and the story became the plot for the animated film 'Smart Village', created by the great Bulgarian cartoonist Donyo Donev.

About Golden Sands

The Golden Sands resort is situated 18 km north of our sea capital Varna. Its beach stretches for more than 3.5 km, and in places, its width reaches between 50 and 100 meters. Thanks to its unique beaches and overall natural wealth, the resort is the winner of the prestigious international prize "Blue Flag", awarded for proven environmental and nature-friendly activities. The climate is favourable for holidays from May to October. The natural park "Golden Sands" is a part of the resort. It has diverse hilly terrain, dominated by deciduous forest - the largest on the Northern coast of Bulgaria. Over the past 20 years the accommodation facilities have been completely renovated, today the resort has hotels of 3, 4 and 5 stars, absolutely competitive in quality and service of accommodation in the most developed tourist destinations in Europe and countries from other continents. Serious funds were invested in the infrastructure and the attractions here to diversify the vacation of visitors and guests.


Aside from the beach vacation - the label of the resort every summer, the location proximity of Golden Sands to Varna, Balchik, St.St. Constantine and Helena, Kavarna is an opportunity for tourists to get acquainted with the beauty of the Northern Black Sea coast, the historical and cultural heritage of this Bulgarian region. The Palace of the Romanian Queen Maria of Edinburgh and the Botanical Garden in Balchik, Cape Kaliakra with the fortress and the legend of the 40 girls, preferred death to slavery in the harem of the local bay, Pobiti Kamani - one of the powerful energy zones in the country. The old processed gold in the world in the collection of artefacts in the Archaeological Museum in Varna is only a part of the rich treasury of tourist attractions for holidaymakers in the resort. The largest and best-preserved Christian rock monastery on the Black Sea coast - the rock Aladzha Monastery, which existed between the XII and XIV centuries, is of particular interest. It is located only 3 km from Golden Sands and provides safe access to the niches with monastic cells. A small museum has collected the finds from this place, and since the summer of 2009, an evening light and music show tells parables and legends about the monastery. Another advantage of Golden Sands is the thermal mineral water, known for its beneficial and rejuvenating effect. Therefore, many spas are built in the resort, offering an exceptional variety of services and procedures.

Activity ideas and attractions

To get an initial idea of ​​Golden Sands, take the traditional resort train. This tour will show you how you can take advantage of the many opportunities for active recreation, which this place offers for families, young people, and children. Take the little ones to the playgrounds, the bungee jumping arena, the water facilities, the Ferris wheel opposite the International Hotel, or at least a pony ride. There are many sports, beach and water activities: beach volleyball, tennis, jet, banana, parasailing, water skiing, rent yachts, etc. Here you can find a diving centre for scuba diving enthusiasts. You can rent a yacht or boat for a day or evening sea excursion for fishing from the marina. If you do not like sports, you can take a retro photo - studios of this type will show you clothed from past eras. You also have the choice to get a tattoo or braids in the African style. However, the biggest attraction here is the Aquapolis water park - among the first of its kind on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The facility has a Mediterranean style and outlook. It has several areas - for adults, children and lovers of extreme emotions. There are four slides for fast descents, a children's pool with a big green dragon in it, a 'slow' river with a length of 300 meters, which passes by a water temple with a waterfall. There are several restaurants in the water park. During the season, various promotions are offered, after 16.00 discounts up to 20%. Maybe you would like to play some golf – new golf playgrounds are available some kilometres away, and we are at your disposal to organize a play there.

Parties and nightlife

You can't be bored in Golden Sands, especially when it gets dark. The resort is always ready for parties in the many bars and clubs, known for its dynamic nightlife. Arrogance Music Factory, Malibu, Bonkers, PR club are iconic discos here. Ministry of Cocktails, Mojito Beach, etc., maintain the list of cocktail bars perfect for your party. Some tour operators also organize tasting tours in various places, popularly known as pub-crawls - very popular among young foreign tourists. Tourists from Israel and other nationalities are the most frequent guests of the casinos in the resort, as one of the most famous are located in one of the symbols of Golden Sands - the iconic International Hotel.

What else do you need to know about Golden Sands?

As every summer, now Golden Sands is ready to welcome its tourists. We, at Boiana-MG Travel company, offer accommodation in different categories of hotels here. And as usual - at attractive prices.