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About Obzor

The first thing that catches the traveller's eye when coming from Varna to this place is the picturesque sea bay and the seemingly endless sandy beach. Endless? Speaking about the waterfront, the distance from its northern to the southern part exceeds 10 kilometres, and in some places, its width reaches 60 and more meters. The seaside with yellow, coarse sand is the trademark of this small seaside town. The location of Obzor is a very convenient one. 65 km from the Sea Capital - Varna and almost as much from the second largest port city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast - Burgas.


Along with one of the longest beaches in Bulgaria, the town collects a significant amount of sunlight during the year, not only in the summer. It is difficult to say whether this was the case in antiquity when the Greek settlers who sought refuge here in the first millennium BC, near the bay of Obzor, founded a city called Heliopolis (Sunny City). In the first century BC, The Romans arrived and what they left to future generations are the ruins of a temple to Jupiter, which are in the centre of today's town. The local history museum exhibits about 800 archaeological finds from the 5th century BC until the 18th century. The ethnographic collection with over 300 objects represents the way of life and livelihood in this region of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The origin of the name can be traced back to the centuries of Ottoman rule in the Bulgarian lands when the invaders created a settlement called Gozeken (Panoramic view – which means the word 'obzor' in Bulgarian). Today in the central part of the town, you can see the square with the fountain and the 12-meter clock tower, built 15 years ago as one of the modern symbols of the city. The city has about 2,500 inhabitants, but in the summer the number of people increases almost threefold thanks to tourists who prefer to spend their vacations in this holiday location. Until 15-20 years ago, tourists were accommodated mainly in private properties and small family hotels. The construction boom that engulfed the Black Sea coast did not pass Obzor. Today the holiday infrastructure of the resort is presented on the tourist map with new, modern hotels and apartment complexes - over 70 in number, with a high quality of the tourist product. Many of them are on the beach. The emphasis now, as in the past, is on family vacations with many and varied services according to the international hospitality standards: spacious and comfortable rooms and suites, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, spas, restaurants with a different range of food, including the system All inclusive. Obzor has another essential feature that makes it attractive for tourism. Apart from the beautiful coast, nature has endowed the resort with its proximity to the hills of the Eastern Balkan Mountain. Adding the active mineral spring used for healing procedures, the mix of so many natural resources logically makes Obzor an attractive place for summer vacation.

Activity ideas and attractions

Waterfront fun

Coast entertainment is with no doubt in the first place. Here you can practice various and popular water sports along the entire Bulgarian coast: jet, banana, parasailing, water skiing, water bikes, etc.

Sports and entertainment

Many of the hotels offer activities for active recreation: tennis courts, mini-golf, gyms, sands volleyball, and more. Obzor is close to Varna and the largest seaside resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast - Sunny Beach, and this is an opportunity for tourists to diversify their summer vacation. Only 5 km from Obzor is Byala, a town known for its viticultural traditions and Dimyat wines.

Attraction spots

A late-antique fortress dated back to the 5th AC, built under the reign of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I and restored on Cape St. Athanasius, is a place of interest in the region. The wide range of attractions for holidaymakers includes the possibility of excursions to:
  • Balchik and Cape Kaliakra;
  • The Varna Dolphinarium;
  • The rock Aladzha Monastery;
  • The ancient towns of Nessebar and Sozopol;
  • Istanbul - the Turkish metropolis on two continents.

Parties and nightlife

Obzor does not have the fame of Sunny Beach as a centre of party entertainment and dynamic nightlife. It is a quiet resort, anyway, there are bars and nightclubs in the city, hosting parties of famous artists during the summer season. Anno Domini, Bedrock, Beach bar ORO and Cuba beach bar are among the local famous entertainment places.

What else do you need to know about Obzor?

The resort is easily accessible for tourists arriving at the international airports in Varna and Burgas. Boiana-MG Travel company provides transfers from these airports on request. Our team will consult you to get the best deal for accommodation in the resort. E-mail us - we are a message away!