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About Sts. Constantine and Helena

St. St. Constantine and Helena is the oldest resort on the Bulgarian seaside. For more than a century of its existence, this place has attracted many tourists each year. One of the reasons to be considered as a sacred holiday spot is a monastery. Constantine and Helena’s monastery gave the name to the nowadays vacation centre, and it became one of the most attractive ones in the Balkan peninsula. The exact date of its construction is unknown, but it was the turning point in shaping this area as a favourite vacation spot for the citizens of Varna. The busiest day was on the day of the holy apostles Constantine and Helena. The Roman emperor and his mother are the patron saints of the resort and are also connected with the Bulgarian mystery ritual of nestinarstvo. Located some kilometres from Varna –Bulgaria's marine capital, it is close to the international connections and offers excellent possibilities for a quiet getaway.

History and culture

Back at the end of the 19th century, the monastery Sts. Constantine and Helena and the estate became part of the Varna municipality. The city wanted to develop the area because of its many natural advantages. A decade later, they decided to turn it into a holiday destination. The renovation and expansion of the old, nearly destroyed monastery began in 1908. To accommodate tourists, the classrooms at the old school were modified into hotel rooms. It marked the beginning of the resort.

Resort’s Development

A splendid park with attractive trees and flowers became another landmark of the newly built holiday destination. The next step in the resort development was centred around the use of health opportunities. It was applied for the construction of the largest children's sanatorium in the Balkans in Sts. Constantine and Helena. In 1908 when constructions began, Queen Eleanor personally participated in supporting the project with personal donations. Today you can find that it still offers many health programs that use the sea and thermal waters. The history of the resort's development continued with the upgrade of the wine school “hotel” into a two-story building. And with this construction, the resort participated for the first time in an International Tourism Exhibition in the middle of the last century. This led to the attraction of many investments and in 1933, a development plan was adopted. Sts. Constantine and Helena became a lively and secular out-of-town hot-spot where many new luxury hotels were built along with a sea casino, beautiful pedestrian alleys, a large park area, and a space with hotels. Over the years, construction of new hotels, restaurants, shops, restaurants, bars, sports facilities, tennis courts, playgrounds, outdoor swimming pools began. And we can enjoy this incredible destination along the Black sea coast.

Sights and landmarks

The area presents great opportunities and it is a starting point for many more places you can visit during your stay. Here we have selected some of the most exciting landmarks, easily accessible with transport, both private and public:
  • Monastery Sts. Constantine and Helena – the place which started it all;
  • Euxinograd Residency – the palace and its gardens are a Governmental estate, but you can join in a tour to see the inside and the outside park area. It is located only 10 minutes away from the centre;
  • Aladja monastery – a monument with national significance made inside a rock formation;
  • The Botanical Garden – one of the oldest sights around the newly established vacation destination;
  • Golden beaches – there are several different beaches spread along the area which you can choose from. Children friendly, family-oriented, and party central – there are many to check out on beaches Drujba, Trakata, Kabakum, Golden Sands, Sunny Day.

The best time to visit Constantine and Helena

Today, if you are searching for a complete vacation and a fertile nature combination of sea, thermal springs, sea climate, and summer long great weather - Sts. Constantine and Helena would be the spot for you. Thousands of tourists come to the resort throughout the year to enjoy the perfect sea, SPA, wellness, and Balneo vacation it offers. Trust the professional help of Boiana-MG’s team for more information and help for your dream holiday.