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About Kavarna

The hot performances of world rock stars, who have been guests on the Bulgarian stage for ten years, brought the fame of Kavarna as a genuine summer sanctuary of rock on Bulgarian land. Otherwise, the coast is attractive for tourists with many other sights and attractions. The traces of human activity in the town are dated back to the III millennium BC. In the XIV century, under the name Karvuna, the city was one of the important centres of the then Karvuna kingdom. One century later, it adopted the current name Kavarna. With the construction of the first golf courses in this part of the world and the new holiday complexes amidst unique nature, the region has stepped powerfully on the international tourist map and today is one of the most preferred places for active holidays on the northeast coast of Bulgaria.


The region of Kavarna has an exceptionally natural, cultural-historical heritage and location.


The coast is very picturesque with the cut limestone rocks, hanging like a natural shield over the sea, with the coastal rock caves, with the reserves, sheltered archaeological finds from ancient times, and dozens of species of migratory birds and plants, some of which are present in the Red Book. A neighbour of Kavarna is the reserve Cape Kaliakra, where 47 endangered plant species grow. Let's add the Yailata reserve with the ancient rock tombs and dwellings, an entire cave town, the Bolata wetland with the beach of the same name, included in the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and the little-known Valley of the Awlig.

Culture and History

In the historical museum of the city, you can see numerous archaeology exhibits from different eras. They illustrate the cultural, economic, and political contacts of Kavarna from the V - VI century to the first half of XX c. Next to the museum is a restored 15th-century Turkish bath built of stone with a lead vault. From the same era is the oldest fountain in the city - Gyumyush (Silver) fountain. Some legend says that its water was exported only to Constantinople, and it determined the taste and quality of the famous Kavarna mastic. In the past of the fountain, there was an inscription: "Drink from this fountain, wash your face, and you will wash away your sins". Perhaps the most interesting archaeological exposition is located in the museum "Dobrudja and the sea". It presents the maritime history of the region by the expeditions' discoveries. You will find here stone anchors, amphorae, coins, and even a golden Thracian treasure.


A mussel farm has been built in the Dalboka area, which supplies the numerous seafood restaurants and the annual September fish and mussel fest, the only one of its kind in the country, hosted by Kavarna.

Hotels and Resorts

One of the most promising resort areas on the northern Black Sea coast has developed in the Ikantalaka area, about 12 km from Kavarna. World standard holiday complexes with hotels such as the White Lagoon, Topola Skies, Kaliakria, etc., appeared and quickly became places for a truly dream vacation and corporate events. The Royal Grand Hotel even has a swimming pool with mineral water. The Thracian Cliffs Golf Complex entered the World Top 10 examples of this type and gathered the best golfers from all over the planet from the beginning of its existence!

Activity ideas and attractions

You have a large to-do list of activities in this region:
  • SPA
  • Golf
  • Diving and fishing
  • Bird observation
  • Day trips and sightseeing
Unlike the large northern resorts such as Golden Sands and Albena, the Kavarna region is known for its quiet bays and secluded beaches. And this is extremely impressive for tourists who prefer a calmer holiday by the sea and enjoy SPA services in hotel complexes. But at the same time, it offers perfect conditions for an active vacation. Amateur sailing competitions and golf tournaments are held in the region each year. The coastal bays and caves in Tyulenovo are the right places for diving, fishing, and other opportunities for sea adventures. On Yailata and Kamen Bryag, ornithologists can observe the birds that nest here and move along the world-famous Via Pontica. A walk to Cape Kaliakra and Balchik brings other emotions, especially a visit to the Palace of the Romanian Queen Maria of Edinburgh and the beautiful botanical garden in Balchik with the second largest collection of cacti in Europe. Still, the sea capital of Bulgaria, Varna, is only an hour away and it is worth devoting one day to it. There is a lot to see... Kavarna traditionally hosts many festivals: rock, jazz, and folklore, theatrical and gastronomic events. So, you have many ideas to come here.

Parties and nightlife

The resort is not a territory for noisy parties and stormy nightlife, especially since the famous rock concerts are already history. However, one of the popular places for night entertainment is the dance club Makoma, where you can hear the latest disco hits.

What else do you need to know about Kavarna?

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