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Duni Royal Resort is for sure one of the Bulgarian southern Black Sea coast pearls. Located just 7 kilometres south of Sozopol in the outskirts of the Ropotamo nature preserve on a picturesque bay. The tranquillity and harmony at this marvellous resort will make you forget all your troubles and enjoy the holiday you always dreamed of!

About Duni

The holiday spot has its perfect location next to a beautiful natural 4.5 kilometres long sand strip. The name emanates from the dunes, stretching all over from the vacation village to the St. Thomas cape. This remarkable landscape has been shaped by the hands of nature for thousands of years. The resort welcomed its first guests in 1986. But work began much earlier and at first, there was some concern among nature activists. According to the initial plans, Duni had to be created at immediate proximity to Alepu swamp – a wetland under the protection of the Ramsar Convention. Furthermore, Via Pontica – one of the major bird migratory routes in Europe, passed right above the same area. However, all those worries were relieved after the architectural prospects’ presentation. The designers took great care in preserving the unique nature of this place, and now more than 35 years later, we can safely say that they have done a great job. The environmental impact was minimal, and the resort remained a sanctuary for many plant and animal species! Nowadays Duni is a modern summer holiday spot that still preserves the legacy of its founders – authentic architecture, closer to nature. It is a primary attraction point for families with children and people who seek a retreat from the noisy daily routine.

Hotels in Duni

The vacation place consists of 4 different hotels and a holiday village, each with its unique charm:
  • Holiday Village - where it all started in 1986. When we talked about tranquillity, this is what we meant. Houses, architecturally influenced by the revival period in Bulgaria among a cool and windy forest;
  • Pelican hotel - is built in 1989 on the highest part of Duni with an architectural style resembling a monastery. Its location is distant enough to muffle the noise of the beach, and at the same time, the road to the coast area passes imperceptibly through the beautiful green valleys. The unique flower gardens and the scenic views unveiling from each part of the hotel make Pelican a place for relaxation at its most;
  • Belleville hotel – the first hotel in Duni opened in the new Century, situated just next to Holiday Village. It offers its guests a combination of modern comfort and the tranquillity and nature, remarkable for the entire complex;
  • Marina Beach – the newest. Located almost literally on the waterfront, it has everything that a tourist longing for high class, lazy summer vacation desires;
  • Marina Royal Palace – the crown jewel. A luxurious hotel located on a steep rock cliff with a magnificent panoramic view of the whole bay!
Sights One of the main advantages of the vacation settlement is that when you are a guest at one of the hotels, you can use all of the facilities in the entire complex! The only exceptions are the restaurant, bars, and pools of Marina Royal Palace. And it is not that they offer something different from the others, it is that the complex wants to ensure the highest level of comfort to the guests that chose the highest-ranking hotel.


In Duni, there are six primary restaurants. One main restaurant for each hotel (Holiday Village and Belleville share the large Panorama restaurant) and two A-la-carte restaurants are open only for dinner with reservations required. Besides those, there is a snack bar on the coast where you can grab something to eat or get a refreshing drink without the need to interrupt your leisure on the sands by getting back to the hotel restaurant or bar. On top of that, sandwich corners operate at each pool on a daily schedule.


Again a wide variety is offered to the guests. There are four lobby bars, four pool bars, a tennis court bar, and a Disco bar. Duni is not particularly known as a spot for parties and nightlife, but if you want to enjoy some music and get a drink, the Disco bar in Holiday Village operates till 02:00 AM.


There are 4 outdoor swimming pools, with shallow parts suitable for children, parasols, sun-beds, and towel station service.


The vacation settlement offers a marvellous, spacious beach with fine sand and a shallow water area. Life-guard service, parasols, sun-beds, changing cabins, towel station service, water sport station, and a medical station are at disposal.

Sports facilities

If you want to have a physically active holiday, Duni can provide as well – 10 tennis courts, an archery range, 4 gyms, beach pitches for volleyball, football and much more.

Attractions and activity ideas

Undoubtedly, the two main attractions in Duni are the Amphitheatre and the Aqua Waterslide Park. A nightly entertainment performance is being held in the Amphitheatre where a team of professionals demonstrates a unique variety of shows with specially designed sets and costumes. If you want to have a fun field day with your kids or even get your adrenaline up, the aquapark is always a great choice! Besides the above two options, the number of activities you can do at this complex most probably exceeds the duration of your stay. Some of them are: Nordic Walking, Zumba, Dance Aerobic, Capoeira (with the assistance of professional Brazilian dancers), Water Polo, Beach Volley, Beach Soccer, Tennis, Archery, Open Air Gym, Table Tennis, Shuffleboard, Boccia, and those are just the activities you always have included in your package. With an additional local charge, there is also: Mountain Biking, Mini Golf, Scuba Diving, Jet Skiing, Water Skiing, Banana Boat Riding, Water Rings, Kangoo Jumps, Massages on the beach, SPA procedures at the hotels, and many other awesome activities!

What else do you need to know about Duni?

We, Boiana-MG, value our clients' trust most, so when you choose the perfect hotel for your vacation we will inform you of every detail that might be relevant to your stay. Below are just a few rules and facts about Duni that you might find useful:
  • To ensure the minimal environmental effect, pets are not allowed in the resort;
  • Because of the specifics of its architecture, some of the facilities are not suitable for disabled people;
  • Card payment in the complex can be done with MasterCard and Visa;
  • There is a 24-hour cab service if you want to visit Sozopol or someplace of your preference;
  • Rent a car service is available on the spot;
  • There is a medical centre in the resort;
And last but not least, Duni has many prestigious international awards. The resort won WORLD TRAVEL AWARDS five times for Bulgaria’s Leading Resort, and three of the prizes are in three consecutive years. Duni also received awards for a Socially responsible company of the year in 2011, TUI HOLLY 2007 for One of the most favourite holiday resorts worldwide, and many others. So, if the above has convinced you that Duni is the place for you, choose your hotel and do not hesitate to contact us with your request!